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🌿 CanamoGlobal - (WCBD)

Green market token, backed by 30,000 square meters of agricultural crops and 140,000 acres of responsibly logged forest wood

MasterGrowers: NFT for adopt HEMP plants

Dynamic NFT for HEMP plants!
Cannabis Dynamic NFT

Medicinal CBD and THC produced in Colombia.

Environment and adequate infrastructure
🌿👩‍🌾🔬 We're a cannabis company that uses AI to produce precision medicinal and industrial strains with organic cultivation.
We maximize yields, quality, and minimize costs and carbon footprint ♻️👨‍⚕️. We offer premium CBD and THC plant-based oils and dried flowers 🌟.

Hydroponic cultivation of essential vegetables.

🌱🔬 We are committed to producing essential crops using precision agriculture technology. 🍅🥒🍆🥑🍈🍡 We cultivate essential vegetables efficiently and sustainably. Additionally, we use solar energy ☀️ for irrigation, reducing our carbon footprint ♻️.
We recirculate rainwater using elevated pipes, minimizing the use of freshwater 💧.
If you are looking for quality and sustainability, we are here to serve you! 🙌

3. Responsible logging/harvesting.

🌳🌲🌱 Our logging concession 🪵🪵 in Bolivia is not only for sustainable wood production 🌿🌱, but we are also committed to responsible and sustainable practices throughout the logging and processing process 🌍👷‍♂️👷‍♀️ to minimize our environmental impact.
Furthermore, through our reforestation program , we are actively contributing to the recovery of dry forests 🙌🌤️. Join our cause for a sustainable future! 🤝🌱🌎

Backed by Wood !

4. Ecotourism using Web3.

CanamoGlobal is a project of the 🌿 AgromedicalGreen company, and this is our little 🐴 in constant growth, ready to become a 🦄.

We are the first AI + IoT Agricultural company, registered on the Blockchain.

Recently, we have created the first agricultural sensor network on the Hellium blockchain, allowing us to monitor and analyze our crops in real-time for more accurate and effective decision-making.

Ecosystem CanamoGlobal

"We are not a species on the brink of extinction, but on the brink of extinguishing everything."



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